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Terms and Condition

This Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) governs all activities and cooperation processes between Bittypay, a company registered under the laws and a private individual of any nationality and residency, above 18 years old (the Client), who accepts and agrees to these T&Cs. Any interaction between the Company and the Client is governed by these T&Cs and shall be viewed as a private contract in the legal context.

Guarantees and Liability

The Company guarantees to fulfill all its commitments to the Investor and correct provision of the products and services during the entire period of Contract between Bittypay and the Investor. The Company ensures that no risks shall arise regardless of the amount of funds invested by the Client. Bittypay conducts asset management and direct investment only with a full and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Money Back Guarantee

The company provides a Money Back Guarantee (MBG) to its investors. In the event that the company, Bittypay is not able to generate profits from its businesses, the investor’s initial capital is paid in full within 6 months.

Discontinuation of an Investment

In the event that an investor chooses to forfeit his contract with the company by discontinuing his/her investment, Bittypay will make a refund to the investor. However, 30% would be deducted as cost for the liability caused by an abrupt termination. In the event where the said investor has already placed a withdrawal and has been paid before the request of a discontinuation of his/her investment, Bittypay will subtract this withdrawal from the refund of the capital. By this, the investor has no right to a claim of any percentage in profit promised by the company.


The Client voluntarily provides personal information to the extent necessary for correct personal account creation as well as to enable some of amount of this information being used by the Company in the future for improvement of individual and shared interaction processes. The Client is guaranteed that all provided information will remain secure and confidential for the benefit of cooperation and Privacy Policy purposes. Under the registration process, the Client must agree to these T&Cs and fully accept them. The Client has the right to delete their account through submission of a motivated request to the customer support service.


The Investor creates their investments in strict accordance with the Investment section of our website using own preferences. The Investor has the right to withdraw their profit using a different electronic payment system to the one they used to create their deposit and which is serving as a source of this profit. The Investor has the right for an indefinite period of cooperation with the Company while observing and agreeing to these T&Cs, other rules already presented and those that might be released in the future under the other sections of the website.

Funds withdrawal

The Investor has the right under these T&Cs to withdraw funds. Any profit payout is processed with the maximum expediency, although remaining a subject to a 72-hour security check. Payouts from the PrimaryTrust portfolio to the client’s balance are processed within ten calendar days commencing on the day such request is submitted. The Investor has the right to withdraw their profit using a different electronic payment system to the one they used to create their deposit and which is serving as a source of this profit.


The Investor has the right to receive a partner reward and new client status as specified by the Partner Programme provided they observe these T&Cs. The Partner Programme can be found under the Partnership section on the company’s website.

Privacy Policy

The company collects some personal data when user registers an account with us as well as when clients, investors or visitors use our website. The personal data may contain personal details, such as full name, address, email, payment details and those indirectly identifying a particular user (OS or browser types, PC ID or IP-address). Under no circumstances the company will release any personal data to a third party notwithstanding their enquiry basis. The Company Administration makes all reasonable efforts to ensure any client data are secure and remain confidential, including investment and transaction history. Under no circumstances, we may disclose particulars of financial transactions. We guarantee full confidentiality not only for the period of our cooperation but also after it has ended. In the latter case, all data provided by the client will be erased after a term of three years. The company undertakes to observe and follow this Privacy Policy without prejudice to the extent and nature of the relationship that has been established with any of our clients. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of any legal forms listed on our official website. Changes to the content of these Terms and Conditions The company may modify these T&Cs (some articles or their implied meaning). Changes become effective immediately after their publication. The Company undertakes to publish all information about any changes on its official website in News. The Investor must check News themselves on a regular basis to learn about any changes. By continuing to cooperate with the Company after any changes have been made, the Client confirms his acceptance of all these changes and agrees to them.

Dispute resolution

The way of negotiations resolves any disputes arising between the Company and Investor. Any claim coming from either party may be motivated founded upon these T&Cs only.